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Archive | November, 2018

Performance management

Performance management: Play a winning hand

The idea of aligning organisational objectives with an employee’s agreed measures, skills, competency requirements, development plans and delivery of results, started about 60 years ago. It has worked well for particular employees driven solely by financial rewards. But it hasn’t been so successful for employees driven by learning and development of their skills. Company evaluation…

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Leadership disrupted

Leadership disrupted: pushing the boundaries

The requirements of leadership have changed as companies transform and realise the need for digital organisational models. Many organisations seek agile, diverse, and dare I say it, young leaders. As current position-holders or HiPo succession plans, the aim of organisations is to partner these young guns with, or even let them create, new leadership models…

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Talent acquisition

Talent acquisition: Enter the cognitive recruiter

A new array of cognitive technologies is combining artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, and behavioural engineering to profile future potential and radically reform the recruitment process. Continuous workforce analytics build “success profiles” based on top-performing employees and competency frameworks through a process of job design. The success profiles create an optimal sourcing approach and identify future…

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