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Digital HR

Digital HR: Platforms, people and work

As digitisation sweeps through every organisation, human resources is not only affected directly, but has an expanded role in implementing the change. HR’s own platforms are being digitised, and in turn it is developing workplaces and workforces for the future. It starts with the latest algorithms used at the attraction and assessment stage for potential…

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The employee experience

The employee experience: Culture, engagement and beyond

Most companies are operating in either a global economy or a highly competitive local economy, and success to a large degree revolves around attracting and retaining skilled employees. HR’s focus should be on building programs, strategies and teams that understand and continuously improve the employee experience. Yet employee experience remains a challenge. Some companies have…

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Performance management

Performance management: Play a winning hand

The idea of aligning organisational objectives with an employee’s agreed measures, skills, competency requirements, development plans and delivery of results, started about 60 years ago. It has worked well for particular employees driven solely by financial rewards. But it hasn’t been so successful for employees driven by learning and development of their skills. Company evaluation…

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Leadership disrupted

Leadership disrupted: pushing the boundaries

The requirements of leadership have changed as companies transform and realise the need for digital organisational models. Many organisations seek agile, diverse, and dare I say it, young leaders. As current position-holders or HiPo succession plans, the aim of organisations is to partner these young guns with, or even let them create, new leadership models…

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Talent acquisition

Talent acquisition: Enter the cognitive recruiter

A new array of cognitive technologies is combining artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, and behavioural engineering to profile future potential and radically reform the recruitment process. Continuous workforce analytics build “success profiles” based on top-performing employees and competency frameworks through a process of job design. The success profiles create an optimal sourcing approach and identify future…

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Group of business people on a meeting, businessman standing in front of flip chart

Careers and learning: real time, all the time

During the 20th century, life expectancy rose dramatically among the world’s wealthiest populations from about 50 to more than 75 years, and this trend has continued in the past two decades. The reasons are fairly straightforward including improvements in public health, nutrition and medicine. Scientists at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York believe…

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Human Resources to transform the way we do business in 2018-19

Australian Bureau of Statistics research predicts Australia’s contingent workforce will reach 25% by 2020. And as we’ve noted, data also shows Australia is embracing part-time employment, with more than 80% of all new jobs created in the past 12 months being part-time. Human Resources is no exception to this trend. Contract and part-time roles are…

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The HiPo Effect: How to Identify and Nurture Your High Potential Employees to Maximise Corporate Growth

Few executives and HR managers would dispute that some employees show more potential than others. It is a fact of organisational life. And while many organisations understand the importance of their high potential employees (HiPos), research suggests that programs designed to nurture talent aren’t being successfully developed and implemented. This means many organisations are missing…

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Understanding Organisational

I’ve long been an advocate for the importance of self-awareness revealed by an individual. I define this as the void between that individual’s identity (how they see themselves) and their reputation (how others experience them); encompassing both what that individual knows, but also their ability to acknowledge what they don’t yet know. The larger the…

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Smarter Business Practices for New Year Success

December is a busy time of year for all of us. While we rush to complete those end of year jobs, enjoy the team Christmas party, deliver client gifts, solidify holiday plans; it can seem like an odd time to be thinking about smarter business practices that could drive success in the new year. Yes,…

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